How to Protect your Leather Couch

Leather furniture is known for its durability and stylish appearance. Many people choose leather couches when they have a family, as leather is harder to stain than upholstery and it can last a long time. Although leather is durable, it won’t last forever unless it is well taken care of and protected. It’s a good idea to get a professional clean and treatment for your leather couch on a regular basis, and in the meantime, follow some basic maintenance rules to help protect your leather couch against unnecessary wear and tear.

Clean up spills quickly

Although leather doesn’t stain as easily as upholstery furniture, it’s still important that you mop up any spills as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Liquids can cause discolouration, and grease stains can be extremely difficult to get out of leather couches. Avoid eating and drinking on your leather couch, and if anything does get spilled, make sure it’s wiped up quickly with a soft dry cloth. With rapid attention you may be able to remove spills before they stain, but if left too long the stain can set and it will be difficult to remove without professional assistance.

Clean with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly

Avoid using solvents or commercial cleaners to clean your leather lounge. Chemical cleaners can be too harsh and damage the leather. If you must use a detergent choose a commercial purpose-designed leather cleaner which is suitable for your type of leather couch. Most spills and stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Make sure you dry your lounge thoroughly after cleaning to avoid any residual water damage.

Reduce water damage

Water damage comes not only from spills but from leaving damp clothes on your lounge or sitting on the lounge in wet bathers. Make sure your leather lounge is positioned away from any potential water sources like open windows and that damp pets and anyone in wet clothing is discouraged from sitting on it.

Dust and vacuum your couch regularly

Although dust may not be an obvious source of damage, dirt can work its way into creases and dry out your leather causing it to become cracked and damaged over time. Make sure you dust and vacuum your furniture on a regular basis to remove any dust and dirt before it gets ground in to the leather. If furniture isn’t in regular use, consider covering it with a dustsheet to help keep it protected.

Keep leather out of direct sunlight

If possible, try to avoid positioning your leather couch in direct sunlight as long term exposure to light can cause it to fade. Too much sunlight may also dry out the leather over time and lead to cracks and other damage.

Remove small scratches with a microfibre cloth

Minor scratches and damage can be removed by buffing the leather lounge with a soft dry cloth or even with your fingers if they are clean. Getting rid of little scratches as quickly as possible can prevent them turning into bigger ones which then become cracks. To remove a minor scratch you can just rub gently with a soft cloth until it goes away.

Perform regular treatments

It’s a good idea to condition your leather couch on a regular basis. This can keep it looking its best and protect it against water and other types of damage. As leather is prone to drying out over time and developing cracks, regular conditioning every six to 12 months can help prevent this and keep your leather couch looking great for longer. There are a number of different preparations available commercially, or you can ask a professional for a recommendation. Make sure you spot test any new product before trying it on your leather lounge to make sure it won’t leave any marks.

Your leather couch is an investment and it’s important to maintain it regularly to help keep it looking its best. Leather changes appearance over time and well-aged leather furniture will still look great long into the future as long as it is well cared for now. Maintaining leather furniture is easier than taking care of most other upholstery, and the results are worth the time and effort taken to keep your furniture clean, stain free and protected from damage.