How to Remove Dog and Cat Scratches from Leather Furniture

Pets can be a wonderful addition to any home, but they may not always mix well with the furniture. Leather, although generally hardwearing and durable, can be vulnerable to damage from cat and dog scratches, as well as from other wear and tear. Small scratches can be detrimental to the appearance of your leather furniture, and can lead to further damage and cracking, so it’s important that they are dealt with as soon as possible.

Fortunately, it is possible to repair dog and cat scratches without too much trouble. Here are some tips to help get your leather furniture looking next to new again.

Clean and condition regularly

Regular maintenance of your leather furniture will make it less vulnerable to damage from scratches and cracks and will make it easier to repair. Tiny scratches can often be buffed out gently with a soft dry microfibre cloth, and this is a good idea to prevent further damage. Well-conditioned leather can be more flexible and less likely to dry out and crack further if scratched slightly.

It is recommended that leather furniture is kept free from dirt and dust and out of direct sunlight. You should clean and condition your furniture, either professionally or with a commercial leather-cleaning product.

Small scratches

If scratches are tiny, it can be possible to deal with them yourself with the help of a leather repair kit. It’s a good idea to speak to the manufacturer of your leather furniture before attempting any home repairs. They may be able to send you a leather repair kit or recommend a treatment that is suitable for your type of leather. Leather furniture can be easily damaged and the last thing you want to do is to make a small scratch worse, so if you are in any doubt, it is probably worth calling a professional to deal with your repairs.

There are a number of recommendations for products which can help remove small scratches, anything from boot polish to olive oil. Before putting any product on your leather furniture, always check that it is suitable for use with the type of leather you have, as using the wrong products may lead to further damage and staining.

Larger scratches

Repairing seriously scratched leather is a difficult task and with so many different types of leather around, certain chemicals and preparations can react adversely and ruin your furniture. It is usually a good idea to get help from a professional when removing anything but the smallest of scratches.

The process for repairing scratched leather involves gluing a piece of leather across the cut from the inside and pulling the edges as close as possible together. Leather filler is then used to smooth out any inconsistencies in the surface, and the whole area is tinted to match the rest of the piece of furniture.

If the scratches are placed along stitching you may require the services of an auto upholsterer to fully repair the damage, as this is out of the scope of usual leather repairs. Many professional repairers will also finish off with a conditioner and sealant to help protect your lounge from further damage.

The results from getting a professional repair job on your leather lounge can be astounding and you can have even fairly large scratches removed quickly and effectively. Your leather furniture is an investment, and taking the time to repair any damage as quickly as possible can help it last long into the future. Once you know that it is reasonably straightforward to fix cat and dog scratches in furniture, you can relax and enjoy being a pet owner and having leather furniture, without having to stress about the thought of scratches and damage.