In the Automotive industry, manufacturers’ are increasingly offering leather as the interior standard. The specialized leathers in automotive upholstery perform in very extreme environments. Auto interiors can reach high temperatures and have frequent traffic flow on seats which causes the majority of leather interiors to show signs of wear and tear. Devine LeatherCare can expertly clean, repair and restore leather seats to standards which satisfy even the most fastidious of owners.

Whether it is a standard, luxury or collectors’ model, Devine LeatherCare offers a specialized leather repair service to restore and protect your vehicles leather. Contact us for a no-obligation leather repair quote. We understand what it means to be committed to quality. Your satisfaction is our reputation.

Helpful hints for automotive leather:

  1. Wipe leather over regularly with a damp towel and dry with dry towel
  2. Apply moisturizer/protector
  3. Remove spills immediately to avoid staining

We provide all the same care for your car.  We clean, tint, condition and repair.

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