Clean Leather Lounges & Couch

Leather has become common furniture for families as it is regarded as low maintenance and durable. You do however need to employ some basic leather cleaning measures that would maintain it for a long time. In between professional leather cleaning you should carry out your own cleaning by making use of some of the tips that we outline here.

For example, Leather Lounge and Couch Cleaning and conditioning should be done every three to four months. This will not only make sure that the leather couch is clean and looking good, but reduce the damage caused by dirt, perspiration, humidity, heat or the sun.

In leather lounge cleaning and leather couch cleaning, firstly you need to identify the type of leather that your couch is made from. There are varying kinds of leather that are used in making the couch and other kinds of furniture. This would go a long way to determine the products you have to use for cleaning. Most household leather is corrected grain or protected leather. Use an appropriate commercially available leather cleaner or call Devine LeatherCare to purchase some of our chemical free cleaner which we use commercially. When applying the cleaner do not saturate the leather, use a soft cloth or sponge and do not rub harshly as you risk removing the top coat from the leather. If the dirt or stain is persistent call us. Dry the leather with a towel or cloth before applying conditioner.

If you have aniline leather including nubuck or suede you need to be more careful in the cleaning process as the leather absorbs moisture very quickly. Use a commercially available cleaner and follow the instructions. Do not allow the leather to become saturated as it may leave water stains. It is important to note that the nubuck and the suede are the most difficult to maintain because they are able to absorb grease, dirt and water very easily.

Before Clean


After Clean


Devine Leathercare specializes in nubuck and we often use a dry (non moisture) cleaning process. Using our recolouring process we are generally able to achieve great colour restoration on nubuck.

When you have finished cleaning your leather couch and leather lounge you then need to apply your conditioner. Conditioner replenishes the natural oils to protect the leather and help prevent impurities from getting into the grain or pores and staining or drying out the leather.

Note: Beware of non-specialized leather/upholstery cleaners who use chemicals or pressure machinery on your leather! You wouldn’t be the first person to call us to restore the colour or suppleness of your leather which has been removed by non-specialized cleaners.

Clean - before


Clean - after


To White furniture discolours fairly easily but goes unnoticed as you live with it and don’t notice the change. However it is also the most rewarding colour to clean and condition as we add pure white pigment to the conditioner to produce a fantastic result  you will love the difference.

You really shouldn’t let your couch get to this state as the dirt and grime causes damage to the leather. However this photo shows what we are able to do with hard work and the appropriate chemical-free cleaners and conditioners.

Here is another example of the difference we can make to your living environment.


Before / After


Before / After