Leather Couch Cleaning, Coloring and Tinting

Colour matching is a one of the most difficult, yet very important steps in the overall leather couch cleaning process. Colour Matching is often what makes the difference to the result you will achieve when restoring colour to leather lounges or couches. It is a skill which most people find very difficult to pick up and is often the area our staff find most difficult to learn. Because there are so many possible colours to match to, it is not a precise science and therefore there is no formula to use when blending dyes to achieve the right mix. We find that on occasion we can achieve the colour in a matter of minutes, whereas other times may take a frustrating hour of trying, testing, retrying and often having to start all over again as too many colours in the mix will prevent the natural effects of mixing colours eg blue and green give you yellow.

Good lighting does help and is a necessity. Natural lighting is best so we try to work in a light bright area. We have to be careful using florescence as they can give a yellow hue.
Hard wearing surfaces such as boats which endure salty bathers and busy restaurants are particularly susceptible to wear and fading. Preventative maintenance is the key – call Devine Leathercare today. If your cracked or worn leather needs rejuvenating, get it repaired and tinted. Devine Leathercare offer on-site colour matching to scuffed, cracked and faded leather. Contact us for a no-obligation quote. We understand what it means to be committed to quality. Your satisfaction is our reputation.
Recoloured to black

Recolour old to new




As you can see this suede furniture has faded somewhat over the years and has a few marks on it.
Firstly we remove all the old dead skin cells and restore the original feel of the suede. We then colour match to the colour of your choice and commence putting colour back into the leather.
Job done and a very satisfied customer
Aniline leather has a fantastic feel as it is natural; however, it is therefore more vulnerable to showing spills, stains and general dirt. Many aniline lounges end up looking like this if left too long. Fortunately as they are generally made of very good quality leather and can be restored to look good again.