Household Leather Furniture Repair

Busy lifestyles, accidents, general wear and tear or insufficient maintenance can mean your substantial investment in leather furniture may no longer respond to basic care, reducing it to a tired and worn state.
Just like our skin, leather can dry out, harden and even crack if the leather is not looked after properly.
Devine LeatherCare can restore and repair your leather furniture to a renewed state, reminding you of your original investment and protecting it from future wear and tear.

All leather furniture needs to be cleaned and cared for using high quality leather care products, procedures and expertise.
Contact us for a no-obligation leather furniture repair quote. We understand what it means to be committed to quality.  Your satisfaction is our reputation.

Hints for Leather Cleaning at home:

  • Wipe the lounge over weekly with a damp towel and dry with a dry towel.
  • Keep your lounge away from heaters
  • Keep your lounge protected from the sun
  • Do not sit on lounge if wet – especially from swimming pools
  • Cover your lounge before sitting on it if you are taking medications like blood pressure tablets or heart tablets
  • Remove spills immediately to avoid staining


We can clean & condition but also change your furniture with your changing tastes.