Marine Leather Repairs & Cleaning

Devine LeatherCare will ensure your boat always looks its best.

Wet, salty bathers and exposure to the elements will cause leather interiors leather lounges and furnishings to show signs of wear and tear. Regular professional leather lounge repairs and maintenance is the key factor in preserving the value of your leather interiors, leather lounges and furnishings.

Devine LeatherCare are experts in providing specialised leather care and repairs for your boat.Our services are designed to remove harmful abrasive salts from finished leathers without harming the invisible top coat sealer that protects your leather from the harsh marine elements.

After cleaning the leather lounges and any other leather products, the leather requires nourishing. The application of high quality protective conditioning cream will make further maintenance easier and help prevent future wear and tear, keeping your marine leather interiors soft and supple.

Contact us for a no-obligation leather repair quote. We understand what it means to be committed to quality. Your satisfaction is our reputation.